• Umed Patel / Vipul Patel
  • E-mail: studiopayalpatan@gmail.com
  • Mob: +91 9426070799 / 9228342013 / 02766-220185
  • # Studio Payal, Opp., Krishna Cinema,
  • Patan [North Gujarat], Gujarat - 384265.

    Studio Payal is a professional set-up involved in Wedding, Portraits, Portfolio, Modelling and Fashion Photography with core competence in wedding occasions Since 1982.

    As professionals, we have invested in high-end, state of the art equipment which delivers the quality one seeks while capturing memories of a special occasion. Customer satisfaction is our main strength in expansion of our business. Our customers bring in other customers through word of mouth publicity.

    We are very fortunate to be among the people who are in this business. But what makes us unique is the way we do it - with our technological edge and creative perception. We understand the importance of "once in a lifetime moments" and hence put our best efforts in what we do - framing the happy moments of life!

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